The spicy story of our chai, how we squeezed a hug into a mug and how we got it to you...

The story of our chai begins with a longing. The search for early morning comfort, a hug, a familiarity, or maybe a warm soothing beverage. A cup of coffee perhaps? Or maybe a freshly brewed cup of chai. 

Our hunt for the perfect cup of chai began. We weren’t searching for a taste, more so a feeling. Could we brew a feeling? Was that even possible?

After countless evenings of careful blending and testing, we found it. A chai that gave us comfort, a warmth. We needed to share it with the world.

With steady haste, three of us fueled with energy given to us by the chai sought to bring this to you

A person’s chakra is where it stores the energy created by ones thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences. We’ve taken all that energy, bottled it up, and created Chaikra.

A heartfelt thought, the feeling
of serenity, the memory of a hug – brewed in a cup in under 5 minutes. 


Our Promise



Countless hours of careful deliberation put into bottling, not just a taste, but a feeling



Only the best quality spices used, and carefully balanced



Thoughtfully crafted to to be an essential part of your daily routine

Brew Guide


Step 1
Mix 1 heaped tablespoon (approx 11g) of the Chaikra blend of your choice with 1 tablespoon of hot water in vessel - preferably a teapot that can hold at least 300ml. Let sit for a minute.


Step 2
In a small sized pot, heat up 280ml milk of your choice. We love to use Happy Happy Soy Boy's soy milk. Stir gently while heating and stop when you see small bubbles start to form around edges.


Step 3
Pour heated soy milk into the vessel holding the chai. Let steep for 3 minutes, longer if you prefer a stronger tasting tea.


Enjoy your soul warming cup of chai!


Australia orders for our Chai are now open again!